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Melissa Pollock


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In a conversation with a prospective customer last month, we were talking about augmenting managers time and coaching competency and we were asked, "How do you save my team leaders time and help make them better coaches?"  It's an excellent question, and one we're often answering so we thought we'd share it.


AmplifAI saves Managers time by automating administrative performance management functions, meaning, we're using AI technology to tell Supervisors who needs to be coached and on what metric, or who should be recognized because they met their previous commitment or beat their personal best.  By eliminating the need for Supervisors to wait for or find data, then analyze and interpret data, then decide who to coach and on what topics, we free them up to instead spend their time actually connecting with their people, observing their work, building relationships and trust, and affecting their engagement and performance.


We help Managers become better coaches because the built-in coaching form creates process standardization and documentation, and promotes coaching to a specific behavior and with specific expectations for improvement.  During coaching, Supervisors can also access topic-related best practices or training collaterals so they don't have to be individual experts on the topic being coached in order to have credibility. 


After coaching, the platform monitors employees' performance and generates subsequent follow-through or recognition tasks for Supervisors, depending on each persons' progress against commitments.  Overall, the platform essentially models the appropriate sequence of development behaviors, thereby actually contributing to competency development over time. 


A Coaching Effectiveness metric also helps you help Managers become better coaches - by tracking and making visible the percent of time the persons coached indeed improved and met their commitments.  This ranking provides visibility into a common unknown, allowing targeted action to further develop your coach's coaching skills!


AmplifAI is the best assistant you never had, augmenting Supervisors' work and making it easier for them to interact with and develop their teams, resulting in substantial impacts on the overall engagement and performance of your people.

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