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One Night In New Orleans - Customer Response Summit

Robert Cowlishaw


We arrived, we spent 3 days of intense time with one another, and we came away enthused, exhausted, and perhaps a tad bit wet from the rain!  


Our heads and stomachs were full, from both food and exposure to the extraordinary efforts of many people and companies, sharing their initiatives to evolve and elevate service experience.


Leaders learned from leaders in exceptional keynotes, case studies, and panel events that broadened our perspectives and gave us hope for how we could further transform our operations to deliver on customer-centric visions!

  • Awesome kick-off with Parag Vaish, Founder-in-Residence at Google, talking about activating your vision daily, and prioritizing product development.
  • Great discussion on optimizing and innovating around transformation trends from Jennifer MacIntosh, SeniorCustomer Experience executive from Coveo, and Bit Rambusch, Vice President, Support andDeployment Services at Dell EMC.
  • Brad Olson, SVP MemberExperience, Peloton Interactive, gave an impactful delivery about emotional loyalty and amplifying authentic engagement.
  • Michael Jones, Senior Director Customer Care at The Home Depot, talked about how successful companies of the future will lead with empathy.
  • Really insightful COPC Panel, moderated by James Cammareri, Vice President, discussing COPC’s 2018 Corporate Insights, sharing corporate strategies and best practices.

In addition to these large-stage sessions, we all piled into smaller break-out sessions - CustomerShop Talk and Moments of Brilliance - to hear more about use cases in process.


To top it all off, AmplifAI was one of a handful of sponsors to participate in the Innovation Lab– a two-hour event dedicated to showcasing exciting technology and sharing capability demonstrations!  Ken Goldberg, David Arellano, and Melissa Pollock from AmplifAI talked with participants about their customer journeys, and demonstrated how AmplifAI is providing data-driven self-learning and coaching to drive frontline employee experience, to in turn drive customer experience!  

We shared meals, we shared stories, and we shared plans to work together and make our environments better, more productive, more valuable places.