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CRMXchange Interviews AmplifAI at ICMI Expo Orlando

Robert Cowlishaw

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The following is an interview between CRMXchange and AmplifAI's CEO Sean Minter and Chief Coaching Officer Melissa Pollock. The interview took place at ICMI Expo in Orlando, FL in May of 2018.


AmplifAI drives the improvement of front-line personnel, using an organization’s existing data combined with machine learning to identify and automatically distribute performance-specific micro-learnings to employees. It also empowers managers by directing them with personalized coaching blueprints for each employee’s skill development. Sean Minter, CEO and Melissa Pollock, Chief Coaching Officer,elaborated further on the solution’s benefits.


CRMXchange: Why do you consider employee productivity, utilization, and retention to be the cornerstones of contact center success?


AmplifAI: Contact center success is a combination of customer experience metrics, sales metrics, productivity, utilization and retention. Retention is a significant component of all KPIs as new hires typically have less positive performance than tenured employees. Productivity and retention are also the primary drivers of cost and profitability. AmplifAI’s focus on employee development and engagement drives both performance and culture, which ultimately delivers better retention and performance.


CRMXchange: In what ways has the increasing consumer demand for more fulfilling and responsive customer experiences across the full spectrum of channels, expanded training needs for front-line personnel?


AmplifAI: With customers driving our now ‘always-on’, multi-channel, multi-cultural, universal-agent, technology-laden cultures, there is more need than ever for innovative, engaging, and effortless learning experiences.


The reality of using multiple systems to respond to multiple channels while handling multiple customers or products has become terribly complex – and if it's too hard for employees to and an answer to a customer question, or if it takes too long for them to access or complete a training, then they are expending too much effort trying to learn or do their jobs – which affects their experience, and in turn, that of the customer.


We believe that AmplifAI is revolutionizing the way companies lead, train, and develop people by distributing learning to the front line based on each individual’s specific performance opportunities, by using short, engaging videos and multi-media micro-learnings that can be quickly consumed at the desk, and by designing content precisely focused on a single behavior so it is easily applied to real-life interactions.


CRMXchange: How does your machine learning engine deliver personalized recommendations for learning content based on an organization’s best practices as well as individual employee performance goals?


AmplifAI: Our machine learning takes action based on insights identified from inputs, such as employees’ metrics goals and actual performance. Adapting to each employee’s performance against goals, AmplifAI proactively pushes personalized content uniquely relevant to each person’s challenges.


For an employee struggling with NPS, AmplifAI might push a 3-minute microlearning video on ‘Listening and Reacting to the Reason for their Call’, or a best practice role-play recording that highlights successful approaches to ‘Creating Conversational Flow’. AmplifAI validates completion and offers up the next behavior in the series to continue relevant skill-building.


The platform also curates learning assignments and content, displays open and completed tasks, and offers ‘next-in-series’ and other best practices content to encourage self-learning journeys.


CRMXchange: There are numerous advanced employee learning and training solutions available: what differentiates your offering from others in the marketplace?


AmplifAI: AmplifAI is not a learning platform, but an all-in-one, AI-powered application that drives performance through data-driven coaching and skill-development tasks distributed to employees.


AmplifAI augments a company’s people, helping them do what they do best while creating organization and transparency, building competency, and boosting engagement and productivity. It also creates visibility into how each piece of learning content correlates to performance improvement – so everyone knows which content drives results, and training leaders can remove those pieces proving ineffective in helping people get better.