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AmplifAI Attending AI Briefing in San Francisco, December 4-5th

Robert Cowlishaw


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This laser focused AI Briefing is a great opportunity to discuss how AI-powered bots and AI–virtual/assisted human agents are impacting service strategies with other care leaders that are looking to maximize their strategy or implement it. With multiple strategies and dynamics to consider, navigating the right choices for your brand can be tricky. This day and a half session will include the opportunity to visit the AI Briefing's Innovation Lab to see live applications of how AI is working to improve CX in different channels and processes, with various Solutions Providers. 


The AI Briefing will also center on candid discussion with AI Providers to discuss the challenges and opportunities that face corporations today in using AI for customer service. You will  have the opportunity to discuss one-on-one with AmplifAI, and the other Corporate Brands in the room about challenges you have experienced, solutions, or innovations as it pertains to AI for customer service.


Topics will include:

Questions will be sourced from the direct attendees in advance; however, we have noted below areas of discussion that our general community has expressed interest in. We expect that many of these topics will be echoed by the attendees of this session.


  • ‍Best practices using AI driving capabilities
  • The right mix of AI vs. human solutions
  • ‍Trends & tech to improve service using AI
  • ‍Agent impact
  • ‍Operational impact
  • ‍Transparency
  • ‍Cost saving
  • ‍Impact to CSAT

Who should attend:

Attendees should include corporate executives that are focused on understanding and exploring AI for customer service. This will include those that are currently using AI solutions, as well as those that are considering it.