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AI Could Liberate 50% of Managers' Time

Melissa Pollock




AI augments human work - creating efficiency by automating administrative and organization tasks that managers don't have time for, (but without doing, can't be effective), freeing them to spend more time doing the things that humans do best. 


A Harvard Business Review video clip titled "AI Could Give Managers Half Their Time Back" talks about a survey of nearly 1800 managers across 14 countries that determined the conclusion we already instinctively know - "managers at every level spend the bulk of their time on administrative tasks, such as juggling employee schedules or writing reports. " 


The video goes on to discuss three people skills that managers need to further develop - social networking, people development, and coaching and collaboration, saying that "…these skills will help them stand out, in a world where AI handles many of the administrative tasks that they perform today." 


In the correlating article, "How Artificial Intelligence Will Redefine Management", authors talk about these uniquely human skills, saying that "Managers use their knowledge of organizational history and culture, as well as empathy and ethical reflection.  This is the essence of human judgment — the application of experience and expertise to critical business decisions and practices."  It is this harmonious alignment of human and artificial intelligence that is powerful.


Artificial intelligence is not about creating cookie-cutter management or dehumanizing individuality - humans are indeed, the absolute best at being human, that is, we are best at considering, interpreting, and strategizing, (judgement skills), and in connecting, empathizing, and motivating (people skills).  By automating administrative or other rote functions that steal time from managers, machines could free up substantial time to focus on these critical relational and cognitive functions.