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5 AI Use Cases in Contact Centers - But What About Supervisors?

Melissa Pollock

There's a theme within the flurry of articles about AI, a common thread revealing where AI is being leveraged, and where AI appears largely under-leveraged. 

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Here are the 5 common use-cases we're seeing for AI in contact centers:  


1.  Cloud-based Customer Contact/CRM applications are using AI in a number of ways to support enhanced omni-channel customer management.  IDC's June CRM report states that more than 60% of respondents expect to have projects or pilots in place this year, and 55% expect to have AI implementations in place by 2018.


2.  Other applications blend AI and live support to optimize customer experience - learning customer behavior in order to provide product recommendations, map customer journeys, and/or manage rote categorizing and tagging tasks.


3.  AI Bots are being used in Human-Plus AI Conversations' that aid problem solving by running queries and displaying relevant knowledge resources real-time on Agents' screens.


4.  AI Bots are also being used for sentiment analytics, to listen to customer conversations, determine emotional state, and proactively notify supervisors of an upset customer.


5.  Natural language processing is driving improved call routing due by recognizing whole strings of words instead of just single words.


But what about Supervisors?


AI can also augment supervisors' employee development skills.  Leveraging the Big Data you already have, AmplifAI tracks employee performance against metrics and automatically assigns performance-specific micro-learning content, generates coaching tasks, stores the coaching form and history, tracks commitment progress, and creates both follow-up and recognition tasks based on whether employees improved or not.  And a coaching effectiveness score gives you rare insight into which supervisors are successfully helping employees change behaviors, and which need coaching on their coaching!


 Growing your frontline leaders with AI-powered technology they enjoy using results in wins for all levels of your business:


  • Supervisors grow interpersonal skills and management competency
  • ‍Agents are more engaged and perform at higher levels given better leader interactions
  • ‍Customers experience superior service due to agent's improved engagement and performance
  • ‍Business leaders see overall customer experience and employee performance and attrition benefits

To learn more about AmplifAI's Performance Acceleration Platform, email us at Or, ask for a demo of AmplifAI today and see how you can use AI to drive data-driven employee engagement and development!