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“Own You!”– DIY Learning is Missing Link in Employee Empowerment & Continuous Skill-Building

Contact center employees both onsite and @home are begging us to give them tools to better perform the jobs we hired them to do. This is what you need to give them...

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Announcing Our Newest Partner, Zendesk!

We are proud to announce that AmplifAI and Zendesk are collaborating to continuously improve frontline agent & supervisor performance!

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AmplifAI Raises $3.9M, Its First Outside Funding, For Call Center AI

A few years ago, Xconomy's Angela Shaw covered our initial Product Launch. Fast forward to 2019 and we're thrilled to have her covering our Series A funding announcement!

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Making People Better: AI Startup AmplifAI Raises $3.9M to Accelerate Market Growth

Dallas Innovate's David Kirkpatrick writes about our recent Series A Funding and uncovers how AmplifAI is making people better!

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Dallas-Area Startup Lands $4M To Bolster Growth As It Leverages AI

Check out the story on our recent funding covered by Brian Womack at the Dallas Business Journal!

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AmplifAI Secures $3.9M Series A Funding Led By Naya Ventures, LiveOak Venture Partners And Capital Factory

We are extremely proud to announce our Series A funding of $3.9M led by Naya Ventures, LiveOak Venture Partners and Capital Factory‍

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AmplifAI + Arise share Case Study at the Remote Working Summit

The two-day event put on by Customer Contact Strategies offered thought provoking case studies, breakout sessions, and a handful of technology-sponsor discussions and presentations.

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One Night In New Orleans - Customer Response Summit

Leaders learned from leaders in exceptional keynotes, case studies, and panel events that broadened our perspectives and gave us hope for how we could further transform our operations to deliver on customer-centric visions!

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5 Trends Changing The Future Of Contact Center Performance Management & Training - ICMI Featured Contributor Article

Five clear trends continue to evolve our operational realities. We have to acknowledge and plan for how they affect our frontline Customer Service and Sales teams’ ability to engage, learn and perform.

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Workforce Optimization: A Systems Thinking Activity - ICMI Feature Contributor Article

With all this WFO, why aren't we perfect? I sum it up by saying that Workforce Optimization (WFO) is about...